Western Union is a fast, secure and reliable international money transfer company. It has been operating for more than 165 years, offering to millions of people the ability to send & receive money through approximately 512,000 Western Union Agent locations in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

Customer Benefits

Western Union’s unparalleled reputation
512,000 agent locations in over 200 countries
Competitive rates
Secure and reliable money transfers             
24/7 customer service
Money transfers within minutes
Western Union - This is the way the world moves money

Western Union


   Worldwide leader in International Money Transfers
   Operating for more than 165 years
   Listed in the New York Stock Exchange
   500,000+ Agent Locations and 100,000 ATMs and kiosks around the globe in 200 Countries
130 Currencies
255 million consumer-to-consumer transactions 
   31 transactions per second
   10,000 employees in 50 Countries and 35 languages
   $250 billion of principal between consumers and business
   $5.6 billion total revenue
   $1 billion cash flow from operating activities
   Launched WU App in 35 Countries






Agent Locations

Western Union - This is your money around the corner, any corner

Retail Money Transfer Services:


Cash to Cash
An individual sending cash to another Individual. Using this service a receiver can get the money within minutes from any Western Union location at the receiving country.


Direct to Bank
An Individual sending directly to a Receiver's Bank account.


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