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Water Treatment Services

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VTW was established to support the ecology of our planet. In order to ensure the success of future generations, VTW treats man-made and natural water environments worldwide.

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Our innovative and Eco-friendly products, are made of natural ingredients and preserve marine life, by efficiently cleaning the water that sustains it.

Where it applies
  • Organized beaches
  • Coastlines
  • Marinas
  • Seaports
  • River Ports
  • Fisheries
  • Rivers
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Water Dams
  • Lagoons
  • Canals
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VTW is revolutionizing the water treatment industry,
through innovative, high-tech solutions that produce long-lasting and effective results, in a short period, with minimal costs.

We develop advanced solutions to support our vibrant planet’s ecology. Our products sustain marine life by cleaning the water environments that enable it.

Our mission is to protect marine life by cleaning the water that sustains it. Through our extensive R&D department and innovative technology, we have come up with products to treat water environments worldwide.

Our discovery is an Eco-friendly solution that uses natural ingredients. Our non-toxic products efficiently clean the water without polluting or disturbing the aquatic ecosystem hence environmentally restoring its marine life in a cost-efficient manner.

The action mechanism and the effectiveness of our products are based on the high surface tension process.

Organic compounds, including hydrocarbons upon coming in contact with our products, generate a significant surface tension reaction, resulting in taking the maximum surface area on the water. As a result, it generates dramatic increase evaporation of the organic compounds. Therefore, there is an immediate reduction of the concentration in the liquid form.

Note, that it should be considered in the case of organic sediment, like Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, the mechanism at the very early stage alters the organic compounds to liquid form and then evaporates as explained above.

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