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Fetch Marketplace

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G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group presents Fetch – the first on-demand marketplace and delivery platform in Cyprus.

Dedicated website:

Fetch offers more than just a platform – it offers convenience to merchants and consumers. With Fetch, merchants can reduce costs, reach more consumers, increase their sales, simplify their operations and most importantly they do not have to worry about handling any deliveries. Consumers can explore a variety of products available at their convenience, waiting to be purchased and delivered in real-time, by the platform’s dedicated Fetchers. 

Order in seconds. Delivered in minutes.
  • Thousands of products and stores to choose from.
  • Delivers products to consumers in real-time.
  • Reduces merchant’s costs.
  • Increases merchant’s sales and customer base. 
  • Fetch is available Cyprus-wide.
  • Offers convenience to all parties involved. 

Placing your first order is really easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose the “Stores” category. 
  • Enter your delivery Postcode. 
  • Choose a Store. 
  • Add products to your cart. 
  • Select your delivery address. 
  • Add a card and proceed to checkout.

Follow the steps required for each option and once the store prepares your order, a fetcher will pick it up and deliver it as soon as possible.

As long as there is an assigned courier to the orders, customers can follow their order in real time and communicate with the courier if they have any questions. If orders don’t have an assigned courier, they remain in the system pending allocation. If the order is placed while the store is closed, it will be delivered the next business day. The store will contact the customer before delivering to make sure that they can receive the delivery.

The price of the delivery service depends on the type of store the order has been placed from. If the order is from a standard store, the delivery will cost 3 euros, while orders from groceries cost 5 euros. On the app, the customer can see the delivery fee beforehand, therefore before confirming the orders, customers know the total cost of the service.

Fetchers are independent professionals connected to our platform. Together with a smartphone and their own vehicle, they’re eager to help merchants get the orders to the consumers, as quickly and effectively as possible. To become a Fetcher, please fill out the form in this link become a fetcher.

In the case where the customer has received an incomplete/incorrect order, or if their order arrived in poor condition, or if they wish to cancel their order, Fetch Customer Support Team can assist them at 77 77 55 05.

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