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20 Strovolos Ave. 2011,
Nicosia, Cyprus
T: +357 22 710 000

Domestic Express Courier

G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group through it’s domestic express courier company G.A.P. Akis Express is the most reliable and fastest courier service in Cyprus.G.A.P. Akis Express pioneered the domestic express courier industry in Cyprus.

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G.A.P. Akis Express, as an integral member of the G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group and through its Logistics integrated platform, has continually grown in size since its inception over 30 years ago and is officially regarded as the largest Domestic Transportation and Express courier company in Cyprus.

Utilising state-of-the-art innovative technology and an Advanced Logistics Platform, Akis Express can provide unique Pick Up and Delivery (PUD Service), ranging from the lowest weight items to palettes of up to 1000 kilograms. The PUD service is further enhanced by a Proof of Delivery system which is capable of monitoring all packages through a real-time online track and trace feature; and a unique message notification facility whereby the delivery of a shipment is communicated via SMS text message, both to the recipient and the sender.

Being the first domestic courier company to be established in Cyprus over 30 years ago, G.A.P. AKIS Express has garnered extensive industry know-how and a profound understanding of the “language of Logistics” making it the leading provider of delivery services country-wide.

Customer Benefits:
  • 100 Prime locations
  • Safeguarding of Shipments
  • Competitive Pricing
  • People-centered approach
  • Tailor-made solutions
Fleet Size
Million parcel handling annually
  • 6 departures every day
  • Departure frequency every 120 minutes
  • Covering all 850 geographical postal codes in Cyprus
  • SMS notification upon shipments arrival at destination
  • Shipments of documents and parcels
  • Shipments of Valuables
  • Free installation of Akis Express software
  • Competitive pricing
  • COD shipments (Cash-on-delivery)
  • Shipments with return documents (Allez-Retour)
  • Press distribution
  • Door pickup and delivery
  • Loyalty Card system
  • Supply Chain and Risk Management

Through its widespread Network of 100 prime locations (City & Rural) across Cyprus, a fleet of 300 vehicles (various types, specifications and sizes), a 17,000 sq.m automated and highly efficient warehouse with the latest synchronised Warehouse Management System (WMS); G.A.P. AKIS Express is able to provide an expedited same-day delivery service with up to 66 inter-city departures per day, on a frequency. The ReliabilityPreciseness and Speed at which deliveries are undertaken, irrespective of size, is unmatched by any other courier company within the local market.

The safeguarding of all shipments is of utmost importance to Akis Express and for this reason the company ensures that all security measures and processes are top of the line.

G.A.P. AKIS Express has developed highly competitive pricing tariffs for all modes of deliveries such as Walk-In, Shop to Shop and Door to Door. These include all other complementary services (e.g. Cash on Delivery, Valuable Items, Transportation Insurance, etc.) which cater to most business requirements, Large or Small. This service is considered the best value for money.

Akis Express understands the pivotal role that its staff plays in delivering top-tier service and as such, through a philosophy of continuous training, the company has managed to create a professional, dedicated, specialised personnel teams at all levels. Through their people-centred approach, they are committed to providing this service in a Prompt, Efficient and Reliable manner, all the while establishing an authentic genuine rapport and interaction with customers.

Tailor-made business solutions, including unique tariffs, are offered to Corporate Clients, for any type or size of business. Each customer’s needs are reviewed separately and customised solutions are delivered.

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