Transform your smartphone into a professional financial POS terminal.

Vpayments enables acceptance of contactless payments made with plastic card and any of its virtual equivalents added to Google Pay, Apple Pay, wearables or other virtual wallets by introducing Worldline SoftPos.

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Enter the future of payments

Worldline SoftPos is the future of payments

Vpayments converts your regular smartphone or tablet into a secure payment terminal and enables the acceptance of EMV contactless cards in cooperation with Worldline, the best company in Europe for electronic payments and card acquiring.

Worldline SoftPos features

Vpayments enables acceptance of contactless payments made with plastic card and any of its virtual equivalents like Apple Pay, Google pay and any other virtual wallets.

We are manufacturer independent

Runs on all phones with NFC module and Android 8.0 OS or higher. Accepts payments with Google Pay, Apple Pay wallets, and wearables.

Security level approved by Visa and Mastercard

Procedures built-in: device attestation, asymmetric keys stored in hardware-backed secure element, client certificates, attack prevention procedures, PIN required.

Merchant handset

No extra hardware required. Merchant handset is enough.

Merchant Perspective

  • High scalability
  • Mobility
  • Ideal for mobile sales force
  • Ideal for quick check-out
  • SoftPos is sustainable!

    No hardware

    We don’t need any additional hardware, therefore it doesn't need materials, labour and energy to be manufactured in a factory.

    No Transport

    No need to deliver the devices - reduces pollution created by cars and freights.

    No Printing

    Transaction confirmation is digital, no paper is wasted on printing it.

    No additional power consumption

    Traditional terminals require charging, while SoftPos uses the power of your existing device.

    No spare parts and on-site maintenance

    Upgrades are managed online, there’s no need to send servicemen to merchants or replace hardware parts

    Less Waste

    We encourage our employees to be eco-friendly and sustainable to reduce the amount of waste produced.

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    The future of Payments
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