With a suite of tailored business solutions, Western Union Business Solutions can help businesses of all sizes to manage their international transactions, reduce risk, and capitalise on market opportunities.

In association with Western Union Business Solutions FX Resource Centre can help you to make wise business decisions, by providing you with market intelligence.

Customer Benefits

 G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group & Western Union’s unparalleled reputation
 Quotations in over 130 currencies across 200 countries                
Competitive and live exchange rates
No hidden costs
Dedicated specialist assistance

G.A.P. Vassilopoulos International Payments can help you reduce costs and enables you to decide when and how to pay.

  Fast and Efficient Transactions: send payments easily in more than 130 currencies.

  Transparent Real-Time Rates: we offer complete transparency, with no hidden costs, so you are never paying more than you need to.
  Payment Status Visibility: you can access your payment status and full payment history online. Also, your recipient is automatically emailed once your payment has been sent.

  Dedicated Support from FX Specialists: we help you navigate the FX market, so you can lock-in favorable exchange rates.

How it works

Through our global network of banking relationships we provide efficient international payment services. With a Western Union Online FX account, you can make bank-to-bank payments from the convenience of your computer or by contacting our dedicated dealer team via phone or fax anytime, anywhere.

Your payments are funded through your bank account. Beneficiaries receive an email notification of your payment and the funds are transferred directly into their bank account.

Becoming a Client

1. Complete the GAP Application and Authorised Users forms
2. Complete KYC questionnaire
  • Company profile; anticipated number and size of payments, countries, beneficiaries
  • UBO ID and proof of home address
  • Identification of signing officer

Sending a payment​

  • Contact our specialised dealers through phone, email of fax to provide you with a tailor made exchange rate for your payment. 
  • Once the deal terms are agreed you will receive an email with the ‘’Deal Ticket’’ to your designated email address which specifies the deal reference number, deal amount, settlement amount and settlement bank account.
  • Upon settlement of the agreed counter-value in the GAP settlement account your payment is released to the final beneficiary.
Note that for compliance reasons 
  • Settlement must be effected through a bank transfer
  • Settlement should come from the approved GAP client.
  • No cash deposits are allowed into the GAP settlement account. 

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