General terms and conditions
  • Limassol THC is charged according to the shipping line’s instructions.
  • Inland  transport  cost  may  vary  in  accordance  to  the  prevailing  petrol  rates  at  the  time  of  the transportation.
  • BAF subject to fluctuation as per owner’s instructions.
  • CAF subject to fluctuation as per owner’s instructions.
  • ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) related charges are charged according to shipping line’s instructions.
  • Cargo from European Union origins; is subject to vat.
  • Rates inclusive of inland haulage are subject to change in the event of diesel oil price changes.
  • Random customs inspections fees at any port not included.
  • Above rates apply for non-hazardous cargo only, unless specified in our quotation.
  • Space and container equipment subject to availability.
  • You are kindly requested you to arrange collection of the full containers on arrival and return the empty containers to Limassol Container Terminal within the free demurrage period otherwise demurrages charges will be charged as per shipping line’s tariff
  • All rates are calculated at today’s tariffs and rate/s of exchange, which are subject to alteration without prior notice.
  • Customs formalities for non EU cargo rates are valid for one classification only. Extra classifications
  • EUR0.90 per classification.
  • Door delivery rates are up to free on truck indicated location. Unloading expenses and labor on receivers account.
  • This offer cancels any previous offer/s that may have been given to you from/to the same location/s and/or ports.
  • Any shipments effected after the validity date of our offer will be charged according to the prevailing general tariff at the date of the shipment.
  • Any advice and or information given to you on the dates of loading, discharging, arrival, transit time etc. are subject to change without any notice.
  • You are kindly requested to return the empty containers to Limassol Container Terminal in clean, good condition without any cargo labels (dangerous labels etc) otherwise cleaning, repair and or labels removal charges will be charged.
  • Errors and omissions excluded.
It is important that all shipping arrangements are made through G.A.P.  Vassilopoulos  office, in order to ensure correct rating.

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